Too Human Not Too Bad

I finished Too Human the other day, and all things considered, my early play impressions held up for the entire game. Too Human does a lot wrong, but it also does a lot right. A choppy frame rate, clunky animation, and poor lip synching are balanced by great music, a fantastic loot system, an intriguing story.

The thing that really strikes me about Too Human is that the game takes itself unusually… seriously.  Things like Netzsche quotes and allusions to Norse Mythology provide a context unlike most other games (even the more narrative driven titles), and though such conceits push the game to the brink of self-importance, there’s no denying that the end result is, at worst, interesting and, at best, extremely compelling.

Too Human is not a great game – there are just too many flaws that dampen the experience. It is, however, an interesting game, and sometimes that’s more than enough to justify the experience.


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