Henry Hatsworth: The Guy, nay, Gentleman You Didn’t Know You’ve Been Missing

So if you haven’t heard of Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, pay attention. It’s a platform/puzzle hybrid game, and it feature’s this guy:

Henry Hatsworth

I can’t look at him without cracking a grin. And get this: Henry’s rival is a gentleman named Leopold Charles Anthony Weasleby the Third. That’s just good stuff. If you still aren’t sold, take a look at this description:

…the real entertainment comes from maxing out the bar and bringing up a super-attack mode called "Tea Time", in which Henry morphs into a gigantic robot, and kicks the crap out of everything with infinite health while guitar riffs blaze in the background. [via IGN, emphasis mine]

Sometimes, usually when I should be doing something “important,” I find my mind wandering, conjuring up untold amounts of awesome that I would unleash on the world if only I had the means. But I must admit, Henry Hatsworth, the product of an EA Tiburon employee’s free time, outpaces my wildest dreams on every level. I wonder what important things he was putting off.

I’m glad that the game has been universally well received, because this is one of those concepts that I just can’t help rooting for. I hope that EA is rewarded for this little slice of excellence.


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