I liked Prince of Persia – quite a bit, actually. Some people were put off by the game’s passive gameplay style, but I thought the flow of the action combined with its distinct (and gorgeous) art style and quality characterizations made for a refreshing experience. The recently released DLC won’t win over the game’s critics, but fans will no doubt eat it up.

Prince of Persia Epilogue The art, and the story, take a dark turn in the Epilogue DLC

I appreciate that Ubisoft Montreal recognizes that anyone playing this new content will have already bested the main adventure. As such, the game offers some new takes on old mechanics that made me stop and think more than once. The platforming is a little more hands-on than before, with a larger emphasis on traps and obstacles.

As anticipated, the Epilogue offers few new storyline threads, but the new banter between Elika and the Prince is as entertaining as ever (for better or for worse, depending on you’re thoughts of the original). The game definitely ends on an ominous note, and I hope that the development team gets a shot at a sequel. I loved this first round, and I’d love to see what could be done with some refinement and iteration on the base design.


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