Predictions: April 2009

NPD video game sales data for April 2009 will be released this Thursday. (Note: April is tracked as a 4 week month, whereas March was tracked as a 5 week month. All % calculations will be done using weekly sales rates.)


Format: “Total Hardware” (“Weekly Hardware” | “% change of weekly sales over March”)

Wii: 520k ( 130k | +8.15% )
360: 240k ( 60k | –9.09% )
PS3: 160k ( 40k | –8.26% )
PS2: 100k ( 25k | +11.61% )
NDS: 880k ( 220k | +95.38% )
PSP: 120k ( 30k | –10.71% )

Notes regarding my predictions:

  • NDS will see a large upswing in sales thanks to the release of DSi.
  • Other platforms should experience the usual April drop, except for Wii and PS2 which should grow a marginal amount compared to March thanks to Easter holiday (which was in April this year).

Actual sales data from The NPD Group will be released on Thursday, May 14th after market close (4:00 PM).


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