Mirror’s Edge

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Mirror’s Edge. There was hardly a consensus among reviewers, and the game didn’t resonate with consumers from a sales perspective. That said, anecdotal evidence from various forums around the web was encouraging, as a number of users …

Mirrors Edge
This game is really, really good looking.

Mirror’s Edge is a fantastic game, and I honestly have trouble understanding why it wasn’t better received. Gameplay is unique and, shockingly, quite polished. First person platforming has rarely been implemented successfully – the Metroid Prime games are notable exceptions, but the acrobatics expected of the player in Mirror’s Edge are a step above even those RETRO’s classics.

I also enjoyed combat, which is one aspect of the game that drew the ire of the majority of critics. It isn’t perfect – some of the disarms are a little finicky, and I would’ve enjoyed using downed enemies as shields (it would have sped up the combat). Still, like the platforming, it’s very fresh and wholly satisfying.

The game was a little short, I guess, but I have trouble faulting it for that. Mirror’s Edge kept me on my toes throughout, and I’ll take a game that goes out on top over one that overstays its welcome.


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