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I’ve been back home on holiday for the past week, and since I don’t have my current slate of in-progress games with me, I decided to dig into some backlog. I picked up a few more stars on my second Mario Galaxy playthrough (I keep forgetting just how spectacular that game really is), and I made it through a few circuits in Excite Truck, a title that I didn’t put enough time into during the Wii launch period.


Looking back at the somewhat inconsistent and unfocused two years of Wii’s life, Excite Truck is a great example of what most Wii games should aspire to. The game is extremely accessible (there are only 3 main user inputs), and yet it provides a great sense of enjoyment for gaming veterans and noobs alike. I think that a lot of games, in an effort to appeal to the deluge of new gamers, have skewed too far in the casual direction.

There is a difference between simple and boring, and developers should learn to distinguish between the two.