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Baby Steps

Watching EA struggle to find some resonance with Wii’s audience has been like watching an infant struggle to take his first steps – he knows exactly what he wants to do, but he just can’t get his muscles to move like he wants them to. It’s been an awkward couple of years.

I must admit, though, that the upcoming Grand Slam Tennis looks pretty intriguing. Right off the bat, they’ve chosen a distinctive art style that, while decidedly colorful and exaggerated, maintains a healthy dose of reality. Further, the controls seem to be exactly what Wii Sports pros have been pleading for. EA has decided to embrace the upcoming MotionPlus accessory right out of the gate – both this new tennis game and Tiger Woods 10 will make use of it. Nintendo Power took the game for a spin and liked what they saw: “The game recognizes whether you’re doing a forehand or backhand swing, how high you’re holding the racket, and even the angle at which you’re striking the ball.” EA might have a hit on their hands.

I’ve been working the spreadsheet in preparation for February NPDs, and I’m not anticipating any real surprises. I don’t see Killzone 2 significantly pushing PS3 sales – it should do well for a February release, but don’t expect any seismic effect on the hardware trends. Wii sales are are particularly hard to gauge this month. It’s been widely available all month, but it’s tough figuring out the point at which supply meets demand.


I’m not sure how I feel about the recent Excitebotsreveal.” I understand Nintendo’s philosophy of keeping their cards close to their chest, but it’s odd to hear about a new game a mere month and a half from its release. I am extremely excited by the premise, though, and I can’t imagine I’m the only one. Pies and clown faces, anyone? Yes.